Feed the birds

I had lots of posts planned for this week but a bad case of hand, foot and mouth struck the Monster resulting in broken sleep and very little getting done. Last week before the spots arrived we spent an afternoon up in the mountains at O’Reilleys. Troy’s mum, Sheryl, came with us and we had a picnic in the warm autumn sun. Thanks to the Monster the local bush turkeys shared our lunch. The kid is obsessed with feeding birds. From the ducks off our back deck to the cockatoos on Hamilton Island, he’s all about sharing the love with his feathered friends. Even if, sometimes, they aren’t interested in his half chewed up and spat out ham and avocado sandwich.

Although the Monster is normally the one doing the scaring, the flock of Crimson Rosella’s that landed on his head in the bird feeding area definitely turned the tables. To be fair though it does feel a little freaky and a lot scratchy when these eager birds perch on your head. And that’s without considering the fun fact that all the food that they are eating will soon be making its way out the other end.

How about you, do you like birds? Or are you like a few of my friends who find them freaky?



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