Letter to Lachlan: Twenty-two Months

Dear Lachlan,

Saturday last week you turned twenty-two months old (mummy is a bit late, sorry!). I think this last month has been one of our most difficult. Your determination to be independent has reached a new deep-breath-inducing high. Unfortunately the deep breaths don’t always work and I have found myself, on far more occasions than I care to admit, failing to ‘use my words’ and instead just losing my shit. It is of course natural for you to seek demand your independence, although it may not be necessary to do so quite so loudly. We try our best to yield where possible, allowing you some control over the big crazy world.

Some things, however, just aren’t negotiable. Say for example, you can not ‘play’ with the kitchen knives, or swim by yourself (despite thinking that you are somewhat amphibious). And when you don’t get your own way? Well, then we have a Chernoble-esque meltdown complete with tomato-red face, foot stomping and throwing yourself on the ground. Such theatrics are certainly developmentally appropriate but I have a sneaking suspicion that they may also be genetic. Yes, embarrassingly enough I have been known to throw the odd temper-fit and unfortunately I don’t have the excuse of being a frustrated toddler (just a hormonal woman!)!

You seem to have also inherited my love of social interaction. You make friends everywhere you go, even if the other party isn’t quite so interested in the blossoming friendship. Your absolute best friends? That would be your cousins Ethan and Jackson. During the school holidays they came to stay with us and it seemed all your Christmases had come at once. The morning after they left you rushed in to their room yelling ‘boys, boys, Eeee, Jack’ and when the room was empty, immediately started banging on the front door, demanding they come back. I had to work hard at distraction that day!

Despite being a challenging month where all activities seem to be your ‘turn’, there have also been some wonderful memories. You have given the very best of cuddles and laughed the most hilarious of laughs. Your energy continues to both amaze and exhaust us, even if it means needing multiple coffees a day just to keep up.

You may have almost broken me this month but I love more than ever.

mum xx

p.s. looking forward to an ‘easier’ month ahead! (PLEASE!)

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1 comment
  1. “on far more occasions than I care to admit, failing to ‘use my words’ and instead just losing my shit.”
    Um, yes, I think we can all relate to that!!!
    He is a cutie.
    Ronnie xo

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