A perfect little Sunday

Once upon a time my perfect Sunday would involve waking at midday, a dirty big all-day breakfast with the weekend newspapers sprawled across the table, a quiet afternoon beer by the river and maybe catching a movie after dinner. Yesterday was nothing like this. Yet it was perfect in it’s own little way.

A sleep in til the gloriously civilised* hour of 8.30am. Hours spent at the park, running, jumping and spinning. Playing hide and seek in the giant fig trees. Coffee. A glimpse at the weekend magazine. Cuddles in an un-made bed. Fish and chips by the river in the dying light. A sleeping toddler and some British comedy series with the husband. These days, this is what makes my heart happy, on a perfect little Sunday.

What makes your perfect Sunday?

  1. My perfect Sunday is doing low-key activities like heading to the park, or visiting family. BTW great hat you’re wearing—love it!

    • lauragofton said:

      Thanks. And yes I agree it’s definitely the low-key things that make my Sunday these days. 🙂

  2. Oh… a sleep-in. That would make any Sunday perfect in my opinion!

    A perfect Sunday is finishing the day with my husband, eating a nice-home cooked dinner whilst watching Homeland, then curling up in bed EARLY (ie. before midnight.)

    Love your pics!

    Ronnie xo

    • lauragofton said:

      Ronnie, I was loving Homeland too! I missed the last few episodes though, must catch up with them. If they put Offspring back on a Sunday I’d be so happy! And yes I imagine a sleep-in would be hard to come by in your house.

      xx Laura

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