The Week of Snot

It’s been a snotty, sniffly, cranky sort of week here in the monster household. Consequently not much sleeping has happened and I’ve been finding tissues hidden all over the house. We’re all on the mend now (although we might need to allow extra time for the hubby’s case of man flu) and are looking forward to a fun, busy weekend. The monster is having a sleep-over at his ma-ma’s tonight so we’re off for a movie date. I’m thinking The Hunger Games. Have you seen it yet? I’ve heard it’s better if you haven’t read the book so it doesn’t have to live up to your expectations.

Anyway here’s a few sweet little links from around the web:

Ever changed a toddlers nappy? This made me laugh.

A cool kids desk. (via SwissMiss)

Might try decorating some Easter Eggs like this.

Two of the cutest dressed ‘bumps’ you will see here and here.

Have a great weekend. xx

  1. Cindy Love said:

    Have a monster of my your blog.
    Thanks for the giggle…Cindy

    • lauragofton said:

      Thanks for saying hi Cindy! How old is your little monster? I don’t even remember how or when we started calling our son the monster by it just stuck.

      Have a great weekend. Laura.

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