The First

The monster may be closer to two than he is to one but I still wanted to share with you the wonderful day that was his first birthday. I’ll admit now that I love to plan. So for the months leading up to the party I wrote lists, collected ideas (thank you Pinterest), and generally daydreamed about all the totally awesome things I would make for my baby boys birthday. I successfully accomplished about two of those things. Wa-waaah. Not that it mattered in the end.

We had the people, the food, the drinks, the music and of course our darling baby boy. Lachie was fortunate enough to have two parents, four grandparents, four great-grandparents, two aunties, one uncle, two cousins and a whole stack of friends there to celebrate his first year (and our survival of that crazy first year of parenthood). In my head I had planned a banquet of sweet and savoury treats, complete with the brilliant theme-ing that would make Martha proud. In real life about one in three of my baking adventures end in the bin. We ended up putting on a simple barbeque with some delicious salads made by my mum. Troy’s mum also saved the day with plates of fairy bread. Not sure how i could have forgotten about that one.

Then there was the cake. I had my heart set on making the monster this beautiful rainbow cake along with a ‘smash cake’ just for him. Well aware of my baking short-comings I did a practice run a few days before the party. Yup, the amazing multicoloured masterpiece ended in the bin. So I frantically visited the local bakery and ordered fifty cupcakes topped with butter cream icing. Now I just had to manage a cake that’s only purpose was to be smashed by a small child. By eleven the night before the party I had finally relented to the packet mix and the cake was made, iced and ready in the fridge for the next day. As the party drew to the end we laid out the plastic sheet and presented the monster with his very own birthday cake and permission to get messy. Tentative at first, looking at us suspiciously as if maybe it was sugar-coated trap, he eventually put one chubby little hand on the blue icing. And it didn’t move. It was solid as a rock. Yeah, that’s how awesome I am at baking I didn’t know that icing goes hard in the fridge.

Despite the cake-disaster it was a really special day. We ate, and drank, and talked, and the kids played nicely for the most part, you know, except for the coat-hangering and fish-hooking (boys will be boys, even at one!). I only wish Lachie would be able to remember the day we all got together to celebrate him in his newly-walking wobbly-legged gorgeousness. At least he will have these beautiful photos (by Tuscany Gray) to look through and ‘reminisce’ the day he turned one.

  1. these are adorable! looked like an amazing day, too!

  2. Elissa said:

    Great pics! Love your hair Laura!

    • lauragofton said:

      Thanks Elissa. It’s grown out so much since then but going to get it cut again on Friday, a bit excited actually.

  3. I’m just impressed you made a smash cake! I made a super easy chocolate cake (one of those never fail recipes that only require mixing and pouring) when my son turned one, then dumped a whole lot of Betty Crocker icing on the top. I still love looking at the pics of him getting his hands into his slice and smearing it all over his face.

    Looks like it was a really special day πŸ™‚

    • lauragofton said:

      Mmmmm chocolate cakes sounds yummy. And thanks, it was a great day!

  4. Jess said:

    Leos smash cake was rock hard too πŸ˜‰ it was a no-egg cake and I didn’t practice beforehand!

    • lauragofton said:

      Haha Jess, glad to hear I’m not the only one who had a bit of smash cake fail!

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