Yesterday I took my baby to the hairdresser and came back with a little boy. I had been putting off getting the monsters first hair cut for months because, I’ll admit, I loved his blonde curls (a novelty to this dark straight-haired mum) and I knew once they were cut off they would be gone forever. The thought of asking him to sit still for half an hour while a stranger wielded scissors at his head was a little daunting too. I shouldn’t have worried, he was perfect. Sitting still and charming the girls with his cheeky smirk.

As for me, I cuddled him tight while the hairdresser snipped with lightning pace and the blonde curls floated to the floor. And as I watched the transformation in front of me I felt sad that my baby was growing up. And he is. All the time. The haircut has just rudely forced me to realise this and I’m not sure that I’m ready. *sniff*

When did you first get your baby’s hair cut? Was it an emotional day for you or am I just a bit crazy like that?

  1. I did shed a tear when my little man got his first haircut. You’re right – he really did look like a little boy when it was all finished!

    Lovely photos, by the way. I found a link to your blog via Lousia Claire’s and was attracted by the cool, clean layout and beautiful images 🙂

    • lauragofton said:

      Hi Soph, thanks for stopping by. I can’t believe how much difference a little hair cut makes. Everyone keeps commenting on how much older he looks too.

  2. Jess said:

    he was just shy of 12 months, and yep, when i saw that little boy staring back at me, i teared up… even now, i put off his hair cuts (coming up to his third) because his strawberry blonde (almost) curls are just too cute!

    • lauragofton said:

      I know, it’s funny that it’s so emotional. I love the almost curls. I wonder if Lachie will get his back.

  3. Ronnie said:

    He looks so cute with his new haircut, but yes, it always is quite an emotional event. My husband has given our boys all their haircuts and he always does them spontaneously thus giving me very little time to prepare! Wish there were more time in the day to savour their every little change.
    Ronnie xo

    • lauragofton said:

      My husband threatened to give Lachie his first haircut, as in a buzzcut! It’s sweet though that your hubby has given all your boys their first haircut. I’d be too nervous to do it myself I think, especially with the amount Lachie wriggles.

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